Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Jai Paul-BTSTU

After my first ever blog-praising Alaska in Winter's beautifully haunting song, Berlin-I now have space for a new leader on my itunes playlist (Berlin is still up there, I would say number 2.) Jai Paul's outstanding song BTSTU, is virtually unknown. Available for download on, it has fast become one of my favourite songs of the year. Jai Paul is an unsigned artist, who should-and fingers crossed will-be celebrated as a British musical gem.

The song has a slow start and gradually a beat makes its way in. Suddenly the minimal beat progresses, leaving the listener with a delicious mess of electronic excitement. With background sounds, comparable to gun shots from a futuristic saga game, and his gentle, almost feminine voice whispering in the background, he has created-in my eyes-a catchy masterpiece. The combination of pop, hip-hop and electro, has admittedly been done before, but Jai Paul has created something that is entirely unique. Undoubtedly cool-BTSTU and Jai Paul- I'm sure this guy will make his stamp on the quirky music scene.

Click here to hear his song

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