Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The beginning of the end...

I’m now going into a new academic year, which is also the end of an era. 2010 is the last year of what will soon be 18 years in education! Shit?! Final year of my degree, a frightening thought most would think, but I am surprisingly nonchalant about it. I have joined the Brighton University newspaper, The Verse, as the (co) news editor. It is exciting and looks pretty good on the old CV. Ben (my co-editor-we are both third year and thought it would take a little pressure off each of us) and I have appointed Soph to write an article (her idea) on which charity is best. We told her what we are looking for, and she is getting it done. Ben and I are then going to focus on our preferred charities and write a brief section about them. I have started writing mine on Amnesty International, summarizing their work and attempting to recruit readers to support their causes.
Gen (features editor and friend) and I have also been put in charge of organising a launch party for the magazine. It will allow us to gain support from local businesses, show that the verse has changed and is back (and better), and recruit writers for the paper-but lets not forget to have loads of fun.
At the same time as this, I am attempting to write my dissertation (on the BIG subject of pornography.) The books and articles I have been reading are brilliant, and completely support the argument I am trying to make.
At uni, we are currently studying Marxisms…notice it is the plural of Marxism, so not just good, fun old Karl Marx, but the different theories emerging from his works. I won’t deny it, but it can be ever so slightly dull, but I am trying to embrace it and feel that the works of Marx are definitely something worth knowing.
It is all go and very interesting, but it is early days….soon I may be crying because I will be swamped with work…or maybe it’s about time I was!

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