Tuesday, 9 February 2010

G20 Protest

Egon Schiele

I have been leafing through photos from my 2008 summer trip with Charlotte (and various other friends) and feel it deserved a bit of recognition on my blog. I had the most incredible time, starting at Boom festival in Portugal - the two photos immediatley below - travelling down through Spain into Morocco, finishing in the Sahara.

The Atlas Mountains

Me riding a camel into the Sahara desert

Monday, 8 February 2010

Mousetrap Medias

So this week I am trying my hand at online journalism. I arranged work experience with Journalism.co.uk, a website stemming from the company Mousetrap Medias. Journalism.co.uk is an online networking portal for journalists all over the UK. I have been given the task of recording UK journalists 'smart moves' to alternative jobs and have written my first blog for their website about Thomas Reuters illicit pay cuts and prevention of staff twittering about their work place.

I look forward to what other tasks they give me throughout the week!