Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Totally and utterly infatuated with Washed Out

After my elder brother accused me of being a 'music facist'- my CD collection was exclusively dedicated to guitar and drum-heavy rock music, with the likes of incubus and foo fighters holding the topspot- I took it upon myself to widen my somewhat narrow musical knowledge. This took me on a long, winding, and ear-tingling road to discover some fantastic bands, singers and genres of music, past and present. One such band is Washed Out, fronted and produced by American born, Ernest Greene. His music falls under contemporary genres such as 'synthpop,' 'chillwave,' 'minimalist,' and 'Lo-Fi,' and his combination of percussion, distant and repetitive singing has seen him take easy-listening to a new and exciting level.

 Having only hit the 'big time' in 2009, Greene has followed up his previous LPs and songs with a new album, 'Within and Without,' released July 2011. Crammed full of beautiful, subtle, euphoric and entirely original songs, it proved no easy feat picking out my favourite tune, but after careful consideration, 'Amor Fati' became my song de jour. Click here and Voila! You're hooked.

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