Thursday, 10 December 2009

Alaska in Winter.

You know when you discover that song, a song you can play over and over again and it doesn’t get old? For me that song is unquestionably American electronic band, Alaska in winter’s Berlin. Taken from the album Holiday, the song combines minimal house, synths and bass to create something almost haunting. The song has repetitive electronic thumping throughout it which generates a bizarre feeling of struggle. The unusual vocals are dominating yet unobtrusive (I am well aware that it is a contradiction of terms) but I think Brandon Bethancourt, front man of Alaska in Winter, has produced a song that is almost purely instrumental. The vocals are barely understood and operatically sung, that it’s as if it’s a form of instrument. Bethancourt wrote the album Holiday in Berlin, Germany. The progressive electronic music scene was an obvious influence on his music. Ultimately Bethancourt created a captivating, spectacular song which will undoubtedly rule at the top of my itunes playlist.